Everything That You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 365

Everything That You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Subscriptions

Microsoft has a multitude of a lot of business and also enterprise editions which are licensed monthly or even through annual subscriptions, most of them have been known to offer more advanced feature sets than home and even personal editions. Collaborative applications and even management tools which are designed for meeting enterprise security and even compliance challenges are required. If you are looking at it as a product line, Microsoft has been known to date back nearly three decades with some early versions essentially combining word, excel, and also PowerPoint into a much sought after discounted bundle. Office 365 has indeed been available since the year 2011, and it indeed differs from the old-fashioned bundle when it comes to two respects. It is licensed as even a monthly or even annual subscription rather than the perpetual license. It even combines a lot of online services which also include business class email and even cloud file storage, and this is along with the traditional desktop applications.


Microsoft also rolled out Office 2019 for Windows and Mac as well.

MacOS can easily handle Office 2019. Since it is a subscription the program updates automatically when a new and improved version is available and if your subscription is active, you will get the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Office 365 is available when it comes to home editions and official editions as well, both can be used by families, students, individuals who need it for work, and many more.

The business class email offering will indeed give every Office 365 subscriber in your organization a 50 GB mailbox. Malware and even filtering of spam have been known to be built into it, so you don’t have to worry about installing it separately.

Every Office 365 subscriber actually gets 1 TB of personal OneDrive storage even with sync clients which are available for all the desktop platforms. The Windows 10 client has been known to use the same synchronize client as the consumer OneDrive service.

Skype is also provided for free for business and Microsoft teams. As we all know, before the introduction of Facetime, Skype was the one video-calling feature that everyone loved to use so that they could call their loved ones who were on the other side of the planet. Skype has indeed proved to be a good feature for business as well. You can have multiple people on the call, and you can talk to them for as long as you want.

Some Office 365 plans have been known to include some services which are targeted for a type of audience. The type of business indeed matters.