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Why Do Messages Go Missing After an Office 365 Migration?

The short answer is, “They don’t.” Here’s the manner by which to find those wayward messages and shield them from being covered up once more.

One of the inquiries that I am most as often as possible posed by the individuals who have as of late finished a movement to Exchange Online is as to missing mail. It might in some cases create the impression that more established messages are cleansed as a piece of the relocation procedure.

Fortunately, Exchange Online does not really erase any mail as a piece of the movement procedure

So given me a chance to demonstrate to you why such a large number of individuals accept that more established mail has been erased, and where the mail has really gone.

On the off chance that you take a gander at Figure 1, you can see an uncommon look into my own Exchange Online letter box. In the event that you take a gander at the lower left-hand corner of the screen catch, you can see that there are 7,611 things in my post box. I call attention to out as a method for demonstrating to you that I am not in the propensity for erasing old mail. Actually, I never erase something besides spam.

As you take a gander at the figure above, you can see that the main message recorded is an Office 365 charging articulation

I incorporated this message in the screen catch as a method for affirming that I am an Office 365 endorser. The majority of my mail is facilitated in an Exchange Online letter drop.

The exact opposite thing that I needed to bring up is that on the off chance that you take a gander at the lower-right corner of the screen catch, you can see that I have looked over right to the base of my post box. All things being equal, the absolute last message is dated July 3, 2016.

I moved to Office 365 route in 2012, and, after its all said and done, I had quite a long while of mail in my post box. So where did these missing messages go?

As I called attention to a minute prior, the most seasoned message in my inbox is from July 3, 2016. I am composing this segment on July 3, 2018, precisely two years from the date of that message. At the end of the day, Exchange Online just keeps two years of mail in the inbox envelope. In the event that you take a gander at Figure 2, notwithstanding, you can see that just underneath my inbox and the majority of its related envelopes, there is another organizer called Online Archive. This organizer is made naturally by Exchange and is utilized as a store for the majority of the old mail.

So the riddle of the missing mail is explained, however Exchange Online’s default activity of moving anything more established than two years to a file envelope may not generally be attractive. So how might you change the way that Exchange Online gets things done?

The chronicling of mail more seasoned than two years is taken care of by Exchange Online’s consistence settings. You can adjust this conduct by opening the Exchange Admin Center and tapping on the Compliance Management alternative. From that point, select the Retention Tags tab, and after that snap on “Default 2 Year Move to Archive,”

In the event that you click on the Edit symbol, you will see a screen that is like the one that is appeared in Figure 5.

As should be obvious in the figure, the default conduct is to document more established messages, yet you can disclose to Exchange Online to erase them rather in the event that you like. (I prescribe that you stick to chronicling mail except if you have a convincing motivation to erase old messages.) More significantly, there is a field wherein you can control the age of the messages that are sent to the online document.

On the off chance that you want to totally mood killer documenting, you can essentially alter your maintenance strategies

(which are found on the Retention Policies tab appeared in Figure 4). Essentially expel the Default 2 Year Move to Archive maintenance tag and some other file related labels from the approach.